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About Mask And More Masks

In trying to make this growing site more accessable to you I have reduced the index or home page and set this page up.

It is intended to give you some idea of how this site works.

Each section will be built up over time in order to deliver to you up-to-date information about mask makers past and present.

  • Information about masks new and old History and ethnographical information

  • Mask sellers

  • Exhibitions

  • Books and reviews

  • Auctions

  • Special deals

  • Traditional tribal area information

  • Travel to traditional areas

  • Links to recommended dealers

  • Mask making

What is it that really interests and excites you about masks?

  • Collecting tribal or other masks

  • buying rare masks

  • wearing masks

  • masked theatrical performance

  • masquerade

  • carnival mask

  • Halloween

  • specific ethnic areas

  • ethnic masks

  • tribal masks

  • modern mask carvers

  • creating your own mask

  • mask makers

  • decorative uses of masks

  • African masks

  • Oceanic mask

  • North American masks

  • Central American masks

  • Noh theatre mask

  • Asian masks

  • European masks

  • contemporary interpretations of masks in 2 and 3D art

  • film mask

  • history

  • traditions from different areas of the world

  • dance and trance mask

  • Shamanism and the use of masks

As the site develops then you will find more and more information on these and other areas. Each of them evolving and becoming a link to somewhere on this site or to another site.

This site is designed to be a cultural exchange for all those associated with masks, makers, collectors, dealers, book publishers, galleries, academics, buyers of art, buyers of mask. A place for you to come to find what you want.

Before you enter in to the part of the site that interests you join our e-mail list and receive our regular e- magazine. The

Monthly publication will include:-

Exhibition dates
New books
Expert opinion
Special offers
Travel news to place of masking interest
Letters and opinions
In fact any news to do with masks that is relevant
You can contribute articles should you wish

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The site is divided into 5 main areas

Tribal masks
Theatrical, film and entertainment including wrestling
Latex, Halloween and Fun masks
Carnival masks and Masquerade
Mask making and mask makers

Come and find your way around.