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Don't look now but there is a guy wearing one of those horrible Halloween masks just behind you.

Seriously for those of you not resident in the USA. this is one of the places that masks really abound.


alloween masks of all shapes sizes, types and quality. If you want a personal mask making for you then that can be done too. Be sure to order well in advance.

The range and quality of full face masks, half face and fun masks really is fantastic. And then there are the costumes. What kind of effect to want to create? Are you going for the full professional look? Or is it do it your self?

Whatever you wish can be catered to.

Lets examine the possibilities.

Do it yourself Halloween masks

1. First you need a simple Halloween mask. Go to mask making section and see the simple paper face masks. Making Paper Masks

2. Then you need a costume. The simplest costume is a sack with head and arm holes cut out. Please remember the dangers of using plastic bags, ensure children will not suffocate.

3. Then perhaps some make-up, you can use face paint or on a tight budget any non toxic paint, always check toxicity.

4. Then maybe a wig or hat.

A really spooky way to disguise a face is to use muslin or gauze draped over the face. Tie it under your chin. This hides the features and creates a ghostly look.

Another simple way is to use the same method as the hold up merchants use. In English English use one leg of a pair of tights. In US English, panty hose. Which ever language, pull the leg over your face for some strange distortions of the features.

That is the basic requirement. How you adapt the individual elements is up to you. If you want to go for a more complex mask then consider using different materials. Something more permanent such as latex, fabric or even leather. Plastazote foam sheet is one of my favourites. If you know how to use papier mache then you can select or create a suitable mould and work from that. There are limitless possibilities.

If time is at a premium then looking into some of the professional suppliers can be great fun.

From looking around it is surprising what you can buy. It is also surprising how much you can spend, from a reasonable amount to a lot, say $2.00 to $1000 (£1 to £600) for a fantastic outfit. It is also possible to hire complete outfits but not full head Halloween masks.

Fright Catalogue has some great stuff on offer Fright Catalogue

Please note that latex masks being of a very personal fit most companies only refund faulty goods.

Many companies also have hire services for corporate events, again full face Halloween masks are generally for purchase only. A warning. Some companies are quite ( or even VERY) sensitive about returns on full face latex masks. Many of them make masks to order and they are only small organisations, some times one person businesses. As you can imagine a Halloween mask worn once is not an attractive proposition to another person. In fact it is quite a ghoulish thought. So before you buy make sure it really is exactly what you want.

The reason for the above is that there are some companies that have experienced people buying the Halloween masks before the festival. Then after the 31st October what do you think happens? Yes you guessed lots of returns. Result a pile of unsaleable Halloween masks and negative income. Put yourself in the retailers place. So buy with commitment and care and read the small print before you do.

Right down at base level the whole outfit comes down to Imagination. Either yours, a combination of manufacturer and you, or choosing the right imaginative creator. You make your mind up.

For people living in the UK can I recommend Party Domain In the USA. there are so many suppliers to choose from but I believe that Fright Catalogue and Monster Makers are amongst the best. Remember in the run up to the 31st all suppliers will be busy and delivery could be a factor in purchase. If in doubt phone and check. You want your mask on the day or before don't you?

Most of all enjoy and have a great time.

Please be kind to people of a nervous disposition. We don't want you scaring your neighbours granny ( the one with the weak heart ) to death!

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