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Latex Masks Halloween Masks and Fun Masks

Latex Masks Halloween Masks, Fun Masks

Wow! Come and have some great fun in the world of disguise. Latex Masks take you into the world where Horror and fright abound!

This area of masks takes us back into the history of masking traditions and forward into the development of new forms of Latex Masks Halloween Masks and more. Touches the world of film Special Effects, Animatronics and other wonderful creations.

If you want to get straight into a selection of Halloween and fun masks then click here. Latex offers the the mask maker a wonderful medium to express whole worlds of beauty, incongruity, fantasy, ugliness, evil and alien beings. The grotesque is well represented here. The medium allows the wearer to be encased in the whole experience. The outward appearance can also be so convincing, many film and created characters are available to the collector.

Latex masks are created in two types. The most common are the mass produced ones available from may sources. Then there are also the individually made ones for special occasions or collections. Many makers also supply and create special effects for screen and other entertainment.

Some enthusiasts create their own using oil based clay for moulds and then use liquid latex to cast from the mould. Colours and paint are used to create wonderful effects. This is an art form that can be devloped to very high standards there are many examples to be seen in films to get your creative juices flowing.

Experts and collectors of latex masks abound. I will provide some links for you to follow. Soon there will be a gallery page here showing the work of featured makers.

To find out more about making Latex masks visit our Mask Making section.

One really brilliant place to go is Latex Mask Central a site for all latex mask fans.

As party time comes around find out about Party Masks Party Masks

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