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Discover Paper Masks and Faces

Paper Masks - Making a Paper Face / Mask

I have been making paper masks this way for years. I have it perfected to such a fine art that I can do them without planning in a few seconds. With practice so will you. It is an easy and cheap way to create a mask.

You need:

An A4 or similar sized piece of paper, plain or coloured. ( Please note I use English Spellings ) A pair of scissors.

Crayons, felt tips or other decorating media.

Glue stick or similar.


1. Fold the paper in half, either lanscape or portrait.

2. Half way down cut into the fold and make an eye shape.

3. From the top of the paper cut half an upside down nose.

4. Cut into the fold and make half a mouth shape.

5. Cut the outer shape.

6. Open up and adjust to suit.

7. To wear such a mask it is best to glue a broad paper band around the head. String or elastic tear the paper.

8. Keep practising as things will go in unexpected ways.

Have fun!

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