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Wrestling Masks from Around the World

Exploring the wonder of Wrestling Masks and how they affect your viewing experience. I always remember my first experience of masked wrestlers. It was when I was just out of school and hanging around with my mates in my home town.

Steve knew this heavy set guy who used to wander around town in and out of bars and cafes. Everyone called him David.

Now don't get me wrong but he was not very bright. He was a lot older than us but seemed to enjoy our company. He would accept good natured banter.

But sometimes you'd think it was above him. He told us that he wrestled part time. That earned our respect. Those guys had to be hard and fit.

One night Steve fixed tickets for a local pro wrestling bout. Several well known names on the bill, plus a couple of masked competitors. The bout took place in our central swimming pool the Windsor Baths. A temporary floor covered the pool and in the centre was the ring.

Eventually the masked battle began. Steve told us that the tough little guy with the Black Mask was our friend David. A great battle ensued but Black Masks lost. Badies always do. We all cheered for the black mask. We booed when he lost.

The masks the wrestler wore was a simple a sort of stretchy bag over the head with holes for eyes nose and mouth.

The next time we saw David in town we quized him about wrestling and the bout. He refused to say anything. You see the identiy of the wrestler was meant to be a secret.

If you are interested in modern wrestling masks from the WWF, Japan and Mexico have a look here at

High Spots

The cult of the masked wrestler can be traced back years. My theory is that it started from the need of promoters to fill the bill. You could have one wrestler do two jobs if he put one out in a mask for a second contest. I wonder if that still happens?

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