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Photo editing – a girl in the mask

The creation of such image is a great job that consists of several steps. Below we describe in details each stage and give links to useful tutorials on each of the step that would help to implement any idea!


In order to draw such a picture, you need to take some photos: of a girl, a mask and a bird. Then each photo is carefully retouched - skin, eyes, color correction, etc. Best of all is to use photo editing service by pro retouching studio. Tutorials on retouching you can find on the website https://photza.com/blog/photo-editing-guide

Cutting out When the retouch of all photos is done, we make a collage. In order to do this, we should cut every element of our future composition using the Pen tool. Special accuracy is not necessary, so don't worry about it. Choose the Pen Tool, select Paths option in the settings panel, increase the document to 300% and start to cut out. Don't forget to specify “Subtract from the path area” in the settings panel to cut out an unnecessary fragment inside the closed contour, Now, select Paths, hold down Ctrl and click the left mouse button on the image. In the Layers, create a mask on the selected picture. You can see the appropriate lesson here.

Cutting tutorial - https://news.dphotographer.co.uk/tutorials/use-the-pen-tool-for-cutouts-in-photoshop/

Change the Background Now we proceed to the next part of the work on the photo montage and create a beautiful backdrop for photos. The first thing we create the geometry of space on a new layer, which always lies on top. There are various options to draw a few parallel and perpendicular bands. We use a pen. Using the free transform tool and distort drag the image to the desired size, carefully proportioning. You can also move layers up and down in the layers’ palette, swapping the elements of foreground and background. Select the layer you want to convert and press CTRL + T to invoke the free frame transformation. Moving the resize corner point of the frame, press and hold the Shift key to keep the image ratio. Change the background tutorial - http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/how-to-change-the-background-of-a-photo-in-photoshop/

Creating shadows The most interesting part of the photo montage in Photoshop is creating shadows and “revival” of photography. Before you start to work with the shadow, imagine where the light falls from and then start painting. Using Curves and masks, you can quickly change the intensity and shape of the shadow. Make the new layers in the curves for almost every shade, as the intensity may vary. Thus cast shadows wherever they are needed. Photo montage in Photoshop can be considered successfully completed at the level of a professional Studio for retouching. Creating shadows tutorial - https://design.tutsplus.com/articles/improve-your-artwork-by-learning-to-see-light-and-shadow--cms-20282

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