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About African Animal Masks

African animal masks are among some of the most highly sought after masks in the world for collectors.

They date back to ancient times in history, and were used for various ceremonies.

African animal masks were made of various types of materials, including wood, leather, metal and various fibers and other items.

Sometimes masks are decorated with beads, bone and other items to make the mask more decorative.

African masks are some of the most beautiful and well made masks on the planet.

Because Africa is home to such a wide array of animals it is only natural that they should incorporate these animals into their masks to help them express what they want to.

Many African animal masks were used in agricultural ceremonies at the times of clearing the land, planting and harvesting. The point of these masked ceremonies was to aid in the production of food for the tribe and to have a good crop that was protected from pestilence and acts of nature.

Many of these animal masks that are made, resemble the traits or physical characteristics of certain animals. The point of these masks is to teach a specific lesson.

Masks in Africa are worn for various purposes, including initiation, harvest, war and funerals. These masks were thought to allow the wearer to take on the characteristics of the animal that is depicted on the mask, and temporarily become united with the animal that is represented there.

The result of wearing a mask is to hide the identity of the wearer and allow them to use the mask to make a connection between the real world and the spiritual world.

African animal masks accomplish this purpose of allowing the wearer to take on the animal and perform a ceremony or teach a lesson to those that are watching.


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