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The Use Of Ancient Greek Masks In Theatre Today

Ancient greek masks were used in theatrical performances of comedies and tragedies and these masks were key to plays by Sophocles, Aristophanes, and others.

Theatre as we know it was created in plays that used Ancient greek masks.

These masks allowed actors to portray a wide range of characters, and greek masks are the foundations of drama as we know it today.

The plots and stories that old time greek masks were designed for are still a major part of performance today.

Replicas of these old time masks are used in many modern revivals of these plays. There is a lot of debate about whether Ancient greek masks are vital to performing these pieces.

Directors who use greek masks today are often adamant about the importantance of using these masks onstage.

The style of these masks demands a certain kind of physicality, so many artists feel that doing a play written for them without using the ancient masks themselves is inappropriate, if not an innacurate portrayal of the original artist's work.

However, other artists feel that greek masks look alien to modern audiences. The masks may get in the way of empathy and understanding. The debate over whether using masks bring us closer to appreciating the plays in their original form is a lively, and controversial, one.

Many posters for modern plays feature images of Ancient greek masks even if the actors in the productions don’t wear the masks themselves. The use of imagery with the masks can help audiences connect with the characters that the actors portray in the play.

However, modern audiences who are used to seeing the natural facial expressions of actors sometimes have trouble enjoying theatre featuring greek masks. Even directors who don’t believe in the modern use of greek masks usually study the masks themselves when they put on a play. This can help to give them insight and understanding with regard to the characters, which helps them put on an inspired and accurate play.

Ancient greek masks offer insight into the characters of these plays, but the question of whether the masks themselves are useful on modern stages is one that is still open to debate.

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