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How To Create African Mask Art

To be able to create African mask art, all you need is time, interest, and a few basic supplies. Students create mask artwork in class, and artists create them for galleries.

There are many ways to create your own African mask inspired pieces. It can be very stimulating to create artwork in this manner.

To create artwork from masks, you first learn about how to create them in a way that mimics the traditional masks themselves.

If you want to create mask art, you are probably already familiar with the style of these frican masks.

Finding a few great photographs for inspiration can help you create the artwork no matter how much you do or don’t know about what the masks themselves look like. To create the mask art, start by looking at pictures of real African masks used in ceremonies and as talismans.

People who create the masks may want to wear them for recreating an old African ceremony, a parade, or a costume party. To create African mask work that you can wear, use light material.

If you want to create mask art that is comfortable, try cardboard or paper plates as your base. This way, you will be sure to create the mask so that you can lift and carry it with ease.

When you create a mask that is light, it become a lot more practical piece of art that you can use for occasions like the one's mentioned above. However, you may want to create these masks solely for display purposes.

If you want to create African mask art for display purposes, any material will do. You can create them from wood, canvas, or stone. You can create masks that will last for years.

Or, if you are more interested in the process of creating the mask art than in keeping your creation when you are done, you can create African mask art that isn't as durable. Be sure to choose a material that will let you fulfill your goals ,whether it be to wear, display or just for the enjoyment of the creative process.

While there are mask making rules you'll want to follow, and definite structures and images relevant to African masks, there is no wrong way to create African mask art (unless absolute authenticity is your goal - that's for another article), so the real key is enjoying yourself. When you create African mask art, your goal is the right one, so create the mask artwork however you like!

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