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Mask Articles for
Your Enjoyment!

Homer Mask
Looking for a mask of Homer Simpson? Here are a bunch of places to find a homer mask.

Paper Mache Masks
Learn How to Make Paper Mache Masks

Italian Masquerade Masks
Learn about These Beautiful Italian Masks

Masks of Africa
Learn about African Masks

Shakespeare Masks
About Masks in the Plays of William Shakespeare

Greek Theatrical Masks
Why did actors in Greek theatre where masks?

Samurai Mask
What were the uses of the Samurai Mask -to intimidate and instill fear in the opponent? Or were they more practical uses fo the design? Or both? Or something else altogether?

Egyptian Death Masks
What role did Egyptian death masks play in ancient Egyptian society?

West Indies Masks
Explore the varied influences of masks created in the West Indies.

African Animal Masks
Learn about the animal masks of africa

Porcelain Feather Wall Masks
The elegance of these masks are apparent all over the world.

Masquerade Ball Masks
Partying with masquerade ball masks

Fun With a Mardi Gras Mask Template
Heading to Mardi Gras? Hosting your own Mardi Gras party? Check out the fun you can have with Mardi Gras masks.

Enjoy the Incredible Variety of Mardi Gras Masks

Greek Masks: A Rich History

The History of Comedy Tragedy Theatre Masks
You know those comdey tragedy theatre masks that everyone recognizes? Ever wonder where they came from? Now you can learn the history behind them.

Learn what their masks tell us about the people of ancient Egypt. Discover the role of egyptian masksin ancient Egypt.

Discover Why African Face Masks Continue to Intrigue Scholars - African Face Masks article

Why Study African Masks History?

Theater today and the role of ancient Greek masks

See history through Aztec masks

The past, present and future of Chinese dragon masks

You live history when you create african mask art

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