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Mask Makers and Mask Making

Mask Makers

There are hundreds of exciting makers around the World. Which area are you interested in? Do you have a mask producer who interest you? In each of the fascinating styles or types of mask making contemporary mask makers abound. Whatever your interest there are modern makers who can satisfy you.

Mask Making

There are hundreds of way to make a mask, we are all capable of making a mask. The simplest of masks can be made by the youngest of children. Come and find out about our range of mask making techniques for individuals and teachers.

As the site develops you will begin to find the links between the different areas will develop.

I have just discovered the work of Lauren Raine. She has a great mask site for you to visit. Just visit to enjoy her sumptuous leather masks and wonderful elemental art work. You could even be tempted to buy a mask. Lauren is one of the top mask maskers. Check out her mask making work at

www.rainewalker.com Dynamic Place to be - Watch this space

Over time you can anticipate this space becoming an area for exchange. A place where makers can communicate their art. A spot for hobbists, teachers, students and pupils to learn techiques and display their work. Essentially a dynamic area for all who express an interest mask making. If you have a contribution to make let me know.

A fabulous place to visit is the Mask Makers Web

To discover some interesting basic mask making techniques check out Paper Masks and Leather Masks

mask makers

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