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Uses of the Samurai Mask

What was the purpose of the samurai mask? Masks have been used since ancient times. The reason for the use of masks has remained essentially the same over time.

A mask is used to hide the identity of the wearer.

They are also used to convey emotions or another identity, as was a samurai mask.

The Samurai paired their masks with helmets that usually had spears or horns protruding from them.

These masks were made by expert craftsmen, and the samurai often handed down within families.

The masks of the Samurai are very famous, and we often see them copied in movies about the era.

Samurai were fierce warriors that lived by a code of loyalty, courage and honor. They were highly respected and lived within a strict code. They were typically loyal to a warlord or other leader, although samurai have had many roles throughout history, including as guards for the emperor and nobility. The samurai were most notable during the Edo era.

The point of the fierce samurai masks was to strike terror into the hearts of the enemy on the field of battle and the scare them as much as possible. The samurai were considered to be excellent swordsmen, and most others did not like to engage them in battle. The fearsome masks and helmets only enhanced this.

The mask of the samurai was generally fashioned from leather or metal, and the face of the mask was always angry and fearsome. Sometimes the inside of the mask was painted red to reflect off the face of the wearer and increase the fear value of the mask.

The mask usually left the eyes open and covered the face below. Sometimes a mustache of animal fur was attached to the mask. The masks also had a throat plate to cover and protect this area during battle. A samurai mask was an important piece of the samurai's armor.

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